Promotional Gift Award Winners 20222022-06-09T12:57:36+02:00

Giving something back

Pine trees are popular suppliers of raw materials for the production of paper and [...]

Tribute paid

It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001 and is well-known as [...]

Two in one

cyber-Wear’s Monthly Advent Calendar is a clever combination that walked off with a Promotional [...]

Hot slices

When a pizza box contains a brake disc instead of the ordered pizza, car [...]

Fragrant & smart

They come in practically all shapes, colours and sizes – round, cylindrical, angular, classic [...]

Just hanging around

It doesn’t always have to be Hawaii: The OceanTowel Waver by Alta Seta captures [...]

Colony in concrete

The traditional concrete company Märker-Beton was looking for a suitable promotional product for decision-makers [...]

On a roll

The Austrian paper expert, Fidel Gmeiner, has created an eco-friendly alternative to plastic lint [...]

Tangible difference

The digital embossing technique that Carry Products won a Promotional Gift Award for in [...]

Time signal

In August 2019, around 100 years after being launched, the landmark of Bremerhaven, the [...]