Communicative Products 20222022-04-08T13:25:42+02:00

Giving something back

Pine trees are popular suppliers of raw materials for the production of paper and [...]

Double drying power

Herka not only set itself the task of communicating values like simplicity, quality and [...]

Baby measures

The Baby Ruler by zollvision offers no less than three useful functions: It can [...]

Naked care

The new hand care product from KHK is very liberal: Handcare Naked, an award [...]

Two in one

cyber-Wear’s Monthly Advent Calendar is a clever combination that walked off with a Promotional [...]

Help yourself

Simple, clean snacking – that’s what snagger promises, which according to company statements is [...]

The high-yield seven

The Seed Donor of the company Pferdeapfel Naturdünger is an advertising ambassador of long-lasting [...]

Cleverly combined

DigiWipz® Two-in-One by Polyclean not only cleans surfaces, it also dries them afterwards too. [...]

Drawing diversity

To support the social efforts for diversity and anti-racism, Faber-Castell developed the crayon set [...]

Just hanging around

It doesn’t always have to be Hawaii: The OceanTowel Waver by Alta Seta captures [...]