Alta Seta OceanTowel WAVER Friends ohne Logo - Just hanging aroundIt doesn’t always have to be Hawaii: The OceanTowel Waver by Alta Seta captures the holiday mood on the veranda at home, when camping or enjoying a picnic in an urban park. Fitted with snap hooks, the compact hammock can be mounted in a flash. All that is needed are two fixed elements that the hammock can be spanned between and the “lounger-to-go” is ready. The model that only weighs around 500 g can carry weights of up to 250 kg and with a surface measuring approx. 270 x 140 cm also offers room for two people. Easy to dissemble, after use the hammock can simply be stowed compactly away inside the small, sewn-in fabric pouch and attached to the rucksack or tucked away in the beach bag.

The comfort and quality of the OceanTowel Waver were not the only aspects that convinced the jury of the Promotional Gift Award, which distinguished the model with a prize in the category Communicative Products: “Sustainably produced out of 100% recycled nylon, the hammock makes the ideal ambassador for environmentally-conscious target groups.” In the course of the upcycling, among others fishing nets and PET bottles were turned into new polyamide yarn. Promoting companies can choose from a selection of colours, the pouch or the hammock can be customised with a screen or digital print.


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