KHK Handcare Naked - Naked careThe new hand care product from KHK is very liberal: Handcare Naked, an award winner in the category Communicative Products, is a crafted hand lotion that completely does without a tube, bottle or other vessel and thus saves valuable resources. It pampers the hands with tea wax and shea butter, emits an enchanting fragrance of green tea and makes a perfect replacement for hand cream at home. It is simple to use: After washing one’s hands it simply has to be rubbed gently through the moist hands.

The hand care recipe was developed in KHK’s own laboratory. As well as olive oil and high-quality shea butter from controlled organic cultivation, it also contains caring vitamin E. Natural tea wax lends the product its light green nuance. The hand care product that is made in Germany without added perfumes or aroma is delivered like a piece of soap and doesn’t require the use of palm oil, wax/paraffin, mineral oils or preservatives, in spite of which its shelf life is at least 24 months. According to manufacturer’s accounts, the hand care item last as long as two to three conventional tubes of hand cream.

KHK is hitting the (sustainable) nerve of time with Handcare Naked, since promoting companies are increasingly betting on environmentally-friendly products, which offer the recipients added well-being value.


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