The Promotional Gift Award

The PGA is an international award for haptic advertising, hosted by the German publishing company WA Media. All of the manufacturers, importers, distributors or dealers, designers, advertising agencies and companies from Europe and all over the world are invited to participate in the international PROMOTIONAL GIFT AWARD. Each participant can submit as many articles as he likes to the jury. All products can be submitted that are suitable for mass production, as well as special designs that are or were manufactured in line with customer requirements.
It is essential that the submitted products are own designs. Freely aquirable commodities are excluded.
For the judging process original products are needed including all necessary batteries or other accessories. One-off items, products that are not (yet) suitable for mass-production, half-finished products, as well as services and immaterial products are ruled out from the competition.

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Testimonials on the Promotional Gift Award

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We have won the Promotional Gift Award three times. Each time was nice confirmation for us that we are on the right track. Many of our customers congratulated us. We use the Award at trade shows to proudly demonstrate what we have achieved. Since our focus lies on environmentally-friendly products, we hope that the extra attention will make our world a little bit better. When we see our award-winning products in the trade publications of WA Media, it makes us proud every time. 

Helga Nederhoed, Green Earth Products
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We have a great affinity for new media. This was underlined by the fact that we received the Best Practice Award for the Augmented Reality Glass. Furthermore, the Promotional Gift Award confirmed that a traditional brewery can advance into becoming an innovation market leader through a modern, innovative alignment. We were able to document this externally too with the help of the Award. The good experience is motivation for us to submit further campaigns in the future. 

Sebastian Lenninghausen, Privatbrauerei Gaffel
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Winning the Award is not just a fantastic distinction that we can use to sustainably communicate our innovative solutions within the industry and which attracts attention among our customers and interested parties, but it also confirms the committed and creative work of the employees of Karl Knauer. 

Martin Glatz, Karl Knauer
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The experiences we made through winning the prize were positive across the board. Many people congratulated us: not only our customers, but also internally. Belonging to the winners of the coveted communication award underlines our professionalism and is also a good occasion internally to highlight our expertise in the area of haptic communication tools. Originally, we shied the costs for the application fee, but this was unfounded. The award ceremony that was staged parallel to the HAPTICA® live was also very successful. 

Michael Grill , Deutscher Sparkassenverlag
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„Having won an award means a lot to our company. It’s proof we are moving forward in achieving new heights. Awards in the promotional field are marketing tools that have a specific goal. The people need to know who the winner is and why. The feedback is inspiring.”

Michel Deboudt, The China Office
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„Winning the Promotional Gift Award 2017 is the best proof for us that we have developed a real trend product. The distinction has not only attracted a great deal of attention within the industry, but also within the media – particularly because we integrated the seal of creativeness into our marketing communications. The award ceremony was a good opportunity to present ourselves as newcomers and establish contacts:”

Julian Thormählen, Tradeconthor
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„It was a great feeling, when we found out we had won. Since then we have been drawing attention to the distinction in our online shop and on-site in Mainz, where the certificate is displayed. We have also conveyed the fact that we won the award internally too. The jury comprises of professionals from the industry. If they find our collection prize-worthy, that is confirmation for us that we are doing a good job and are offering the people, things they would like to see.”

Nicole Semmelsberger, ZDF Media Projects Development Company
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„As a result of the media echo, the Promotional Gift Award has placed us under the spotlight of existing and potential customers. But beyond this, of course, together with our cooperation partners, our whole company is delighted at receiving the distinction. Taking part in the award, the award ceremony and the presentation at the HAPTICA® live was a fantastic experience for us – overall a total success.”

Katrin Schütterle, goDentis
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„The Promotional Gift Award is great confirmation for one’s own work, because it underlines the fact that well thought-out products stand out from the masses. But the distinction is also a good reference for the agency partners, because it shows that they are capable of providing individual and creative solutions. Depending on the task at hand, we use such a quality seal as a criterion for selecting our suppliers.“

Carolin Koller, Gizeh Raucherbedarf

The Promotional Gift Award in numbers

Years Award Tradition
Submissions in 2020
Winner in 2020
Media value for each winner
Benchmarking in the haptic advertising sector
Creativity seal
Assessment by industry experts
Participants from all over Europe
Reputation and publicity for the winners
Award ceremony at the HAPTICA® live
Presentation of the award winners in print and online media
Exhibition of all award-winning products at the HAPTICA® live

The Jury of Promotional Gift Award 2021

Bräunig Jens VfB Stuttgart - Homepage_Englisch
Jens BräunigVfB Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Jens Bräunig is familiar with emotionally-charged products: He has held several executive positions in the sales and marketing area of the football business for many years and is currently employed by VfB Stuttgart, where he is among others responsible for merchandising. He joins the jury for the first time in 2020.
Elke Deckert - Homepage_Englisch
Elke Deckert Schlumberger Vertriebsgesellschaft, Meckenheim
Elke Deckert is a new addition to the jury: The expert for trade marketing is Director of Marketing at the spirits wholesaler, Schlumberger. She previously spent many years working for Pernod Ricard, where she was responsible for the brand identity at the point of sale.
Mätzener - Homepage_Englisch
Michael Mätzenerdiewerbeartikel gmbh, CH-Schwyz
Michael Mätzener, CEO of the Swiss promotional products agency, diewerbeartikel gmbh is a long-serving member of the jury. The boss of the “Agency for Haptic Communication” has been occupying himself with the creative and conceptual integration of the promotional product for many years.
Scherer - Homepage_Englisch
Michael SchererCEO, WA Media GmbH, Cologne
Also a regular member on the panel of judges: Michael Scherer, has been the managing shareholder of WA Media since 1998.
Michael Witzorrek - Homepage_Englisch
Michael WitzorrekOwner, Hamburg
This year Michael Witzorrek is a member of the Promotional Gift Award jury since 2015. Up until the beginning of 2017, he was responsible for Product Development & Merchandising at the radio station, Norddeutschen Rundfunk, in Hamburg. Since then he has been working as a consultant in an advisory capacity and has been operating a blog on the theme of merchandising.
Zettl - Homepage_Englisch
Martin Zettlmarke|ding|, A-Wels
Martin Zettl is the third jury member: The Austrian has been working in the industry for almost two decades, since 2006 he has been organising the promotional products trade fair marke[ding], which is staged annually in Vienna.

The Winners

März 2020

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Oral hygiene demands the interdental spaces to be cleaned regularly – and in the case of Zahnfix ensures the [...]

No chance for thieves

Safe, carefree and well-organised – the Bobby Hero series receives top marks for these three attributes, which is why [...]

Keep rollin´

Kitchen rolls are extremely practical when having a barbecue or camping, but in the outdoor area, the paper roll [...]

Crystal clear

In order to promote the sales of refreshing drinks of the brand Gerolsteiner in glass bottles, the beverage brand [...]

Travelling today

The Titan X-Ray Pro suitcase by Titan is equipped with a lock that redefines security by saving the personal [...]


With the aid of the TÜV-tested (rest) alcohol tester, Alc/Control by testme, one can test one’s fitness to drive [...]

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