Meyer Spieltrieb 98er Quiz 1Steffen Albus b 2 - Kickoff for games nightWhich flower is depicted on the coat of arms of SV Darmstadt 98 football club? All of the fans know, of course, that the club’s logo namely consists of a stylised iris. The Quiz on 98 on the other hand may include many snippets of information that not all fans of Darmstadt 98 know, but which they will probably find interesting. The quiz was produced by Steffen Albus and the development studio Meyer & Stiehl Spieltrieb on behalf of the club.

The game has now been distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Merchandising. The quiz reinforces the fans’ identification with the club, by encouraging them to occupy themselves with the history of SV Darmstadt 98 in a playful manner. However, it can also be played with people, who are interested in football, but not necessarily fans of Darmstadt 98. The questions cover the overall field of football knowledge. The game structure is based on that of a football season and the game mechanics are also based on the course of a football match in details: Red or yellow cards, for example, are used for a player’s advantages. As on the pitch, the quiz can be played in teams as well as with individuals against each other. If played in teams, it is a good idea to have at least one 98 fan amongst one’s ranks in the event that any insider questions crop up.

If the concrete questions about the club and the club’s colours in the graphic design are omitted, the quiz can be easily adapted to suit a different club. The fact that the product is tailor-made to suit a specific target group and yet not exclusively suitable for that one group, plus the opportunity that it can be modularly adapted to suit other clubs is what particularly convinced the jury of the Promotional Gift Award.

Meyer & Stiehl GbR Spieltrieb

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