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Humming marketing

Zogi Nature initiated a project called beeswe.love that focuses on protecting the environment and nature as well as acting as a head-turning marketing campaign. The principle: In its [...]

Humming marketing2021-02-22T14:32:49+02:00

Make two out of one and vice versa

The Twinpack by WIL Langenberg is not merely a rucksack. This practical everyday companion is more aptly described as being two bags that are attached by a zip, [...]

Make two out of one and vice versa2021-02-22T14:29:28+02:00

Beer festival feeling to-go

Many personal get-togethers weren’t able to take place in 2020 due to the pandemic. So that their customers didn’t have to make do without the Munich Beer Festival [...]

Beer festival feeling to-go2021-02-22T14:27:32+02:00

Exclusive driving experience

The Model Car Taycan by Trik guarantees motoring fun in miniature format. To make the waiting time for the new Porsche Taycan more entertaining for buyers, interested customers [...]

Exclusive driving experience2021-02-22T14:15:28+02:00

Sweet and sustainable

The new Semo Eco edition by Trigon is cuddly, cute and as of recently made from 100% rPET. All parts of the cuddly toys from the filling material, [...]

Sweet and sustainable2021-02-22T14:10:29+02:00

For an instrumental advent

It all started with chocolate and high-quality filled chocolates: In the meantime, Lego characters, scented shower gels and even erotic accessories have been transformed into premium Advent calendars. [...]

For an instrumental advent2021-02-22T14:03:50+02:00

Hold my phone

The days when mobile phones are exclusively used for making calls are long gone. For many people they are a work tool, entertainment programme and virtual meeting point [...]

Hold my phone2021-02-22T13:59:43+02:00

Power check

Handling batteries in a responsible and efficient way not only saves money, it also protects the environment in several ways: Less toxic substances are emitted if really only [...]

Power check2021-02-22T13:45:45+02:00

Kept sealed

Germany, the country of poets and thinkers, has come up with a bottle closure created by thinkers, which not only seals open bottles again, but in fact makes [...]

Kept sealed2021-02-22T13:42:50+02:00

For green events

Coffee-to-go mugs that are detrimental to the environment are a huge problem that could be solved simply if more ecological materials were implemented. Suthor is now expanding its [...]

For green events2021-02-22T13:33:27+02:00