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Shiny teeth

Oral hygiene demands the interdental spaces to be cleaned regularly – and in the case of Zahnfix ensures the sparkling presentation of promoting companies. According to own accounts, [...]

Shiny teeth2020-03-06T15:57:22+02:00

No chance for thieves

Safe, carefree and well-organised – the Bobby Hero series receives top marks for these three attributes, which is why it picked up a distinction in the category Premium [...]

No chance for thieves2020-03-06T15:55:21+02:00

Keep rollin´

Kitchen rolls are extremely practical when having a barbecue or camping, but in the outdoor area, the paper roll is not protected against wet conditions or dirt. The [...]

Keep rollin´2020-03-06T15:53:15+02:00

Crystal clear

In order to promote the sales of refreshing drinks of the brand Gerolsteiner in glass bottles, the beverage brand and Trik came up with a creative idea. An [...]

Crystal clear2020-03-06T15:51:31+02:00

Travelling today

The Titan X-Ray Pro suitcase by Titan is equipped with a lock that redefines security by saving the personal fingerprint of its owner. Hence, complicated combinations become a [...]

Travelling today2020-03-06T15:50:04+02:00


With the aid of the TÜV-tested (rest) alcohol tester, Alc/Control by testme, one can test one’s fitness to drive after consuming alcohol in a matter of seconds. The [...]


Live wire

Sunnybag Iconic by Sunnybag secures promoting companies a place in the sun and in the memories of their target group. The stylish urban lifestyle solar rucksack is equipped [...]

Live wire2020-03-06T15:44:11+02:00

Simply cuddly

Big is beautiful. This at least applies for teddy bears, especially when they are as affectionately designed as the Bärenmarke Teddy Bears, with which Margarete Steiff won a [...]

Simply cuddly2020-03-06T15:42:37+02:00

Detachably linked

The haberdashery wholesaler, Veno, was looking for a give-away that lets the zip shine out in a new light and ultimately opted for the cable Hydra: It looks [...]

Detachably linked2020-03-06T15:40:48+02:00

Second life

So-called shelf dividers are plastic elements made of polycarbonate, which are for instance used for the shelves of supermarkets and which are generally discarded after use. In order [...]

Second life2020-03-06T15:38:53+02:00