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A light in the dark

When it is dark in winter, one invariably lights candles. Their light serves as a symbol for hope, security and confidence. During the pandemic, when many people suffered [...]

A light in the dark2023-02-09T15:32:58+02:00

Money is the best medicine

When excessive bank fees in the foreign exchange trade lead to headaches, FX Tradingforte comes to the aid. The fictive medicine comes in a medication packaging, however instead [...]

Money is the best medicine2023-02-09T15:30:43+02:00

Time ride

Tradition and maturity are two words that unite the Trakehner Association with good whisky. After all, the breeders and riders of Trakehner horses look back on an almost [...]

Time ride2023-03-20T15:45:52+02:00

Time for a sports car

Watches tell the time, but they also reveal the prestige of their wearers. Watches are decorative luxury items especially in the higher-priced segment. So, the Porsche Watch Winder [...]

Time for a sports car2023-02-09T15:26:14+02:00

Inspired by architecture

When the city railway was built in Vienna in the 1890s, an artistic concept was envisaged. Ultimately, the architect Otto Wagner won the bid. With his aesthetic design, [...]

Inspired by architecture2023-02-09T15:23:47+02:00

Kickoff for games night

Which flower is depicted on the coat of arms of SV Darmstadt 98 football club? All of the fans know, of course, that the club’s logo namely consists [...]

Kickoff for games night2023-02-09T15:21:42+02:00

Free refill

Senator produces robust, durable writing instruments. Since the service life of products is an important aspect when assessing the sustainability of an item, the German manufacturer is pushing [...]

Free refill2023-02-09T15:19:31+02:00

Raise your glasses!

A relief embossed into drinking glasses is not only an optical eye-catcher, it also offers a haptic experience. Up until now a specially produced mould was required to [...]

Raise your glasses!2023-02-09T15:16:44+02:00

Simply visible

The darkest time of the year goes hand in hand with an increased danger on the roads. Armed with the Reflective Textile Stickers by Refloactive, pedestrians or cyclists [...]

Simply visible2023-02-09T15:14:39+02:00

Pop-up surprise

Proramillenote is proving that one can add a new twist to an everyday promotional product like a Post-It memo pad: The adhesive note blocks Meet and the Meet [...]

Pop-up surprise2023-02-09T15:06:42+02:00