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Baby measures

The Baby Ruler by zollvision offers no less than three useful functions: It can not only be reliably used to measure the size of one’s own offspring and [...]

Baby measures2022-08-03T11:25:45+02:00

Natural talent

Several German and European health insurance companies already use Wagus’ vegan and robust fitness strap as a promotional product. It has now also convinced the Promotional Gift Award [...]

Natural talent2022-08-03T11:23:52+02:00

Cuts the best figure

Colourful, compact and foldable: In the case of the Swiss Classic by the Swiss knife experts Victorinox, reserved design meets an extra portion of personality. The foldable vegetable [...]

Cuts the best figure2022-08-03T11:22:03+02:00

Tree your mind

Creativity, everyday usage and a clear message in one: The patented design TreeMinder® Z by tobra proves to be a particularly communicative messenger, which is guaranteed to turn [...]

Tree your mind2022-08-03T11:20:25+02:00

Upcycling par excellence

Braas produces high-quality roof sheeting that is used for many new roofs and roof insulations across Europe. When searching for the appropriate design for a promotional product, it [...]

Upcycling par excellence2022-08-03T11:18:52+02:00

Style meets function

To make a stylish impact in the office or en route, in cooperation with the kitchen utensil brand Lurch, Staedtler is presenting a limited edition, elegant set comprising [...]

Style meets function2022-08-03T11:17:08+02:00

Help yourself

Simple, clean snacking – that’s what snagger promises, which according to company statements is the first refillable, hygienic snack dispenser. Whether used in the office or on the [...]

Help yourself2022-08-03T11:15:24+02:00

Coolly convertible

When the sun comes out after a cool morning, at a push one can always tie one’s zip-up jacket round one’s waist. Or ideally simply turn it into [...]

Coolly convertible2022-08-03T11:13:47+02:00

Useful double pack

Fight For Nature is the equally dramatic, yet fitting name of Promowolsch’s award-winning product in the category Give-aways. Its special highlight: The packaging of the product also doubles [...]

Useful double pack2022-08-03T11:11:45+02:00

A miniature with maximum impact

The employees of a storage tank manufacturer came up with a fantastic idea for paying tribute to their boss: Präsentstudio Soennecken was commissioned with designing an extraordinary gift [...]

A miniature with maximum impact2022-08-03T11:09:51+02:00