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Every year the offset printing shop Schwarzach presents its customers with a very special advent calendar that combines all of the customising skills of the Austrian company. The 2018 [...]


Award-winning homage

The underground collection The history of Blue, which was realised by The Five Elements for the Vienna subway lines unites tradition and lifestyle. The socks, tights, scarf and hat [...]

Award-winning homage2019-03-05T12:44:05+02:00

Skin-tight surprise

The Magic Tattoos by Stainer promise that woweffects can be experienced skin-deep. The temporary adhesive tattoos are applied to the skin using water, last approx. two to six days [...]

Skin-tight surprise2019-03-05T12:42:09+02:00

Plate, not bin

With excellent recipes and great love for detail, Unverschwendet saves surplus fruits, vegetable and herbs by turning them into delicious products such as jam, syrup, chutney, vinegar, dips, mustard, [...]

Plate, not bin2019-03-05T12:40:09+02:00

Portable eye-catcher

The Riedle LongLife®/Lenticular is a paper carrying bag made of long-fibred, British special cardboard in a thickness of 270 g/m² that excels due to its quality, stability and multiple [...]

Portable eye-catcher2019-03-05T12:38:45+02:00

A touch of silver and gold

Promonotes ennobles written notes, sketches and drafts with its Mindnotes® notebooks in silver and gold, which people love to touch again and again thanks to their velour-like soft-touch material [...]

A touch of silver and gold2019-03-05T12:29:58+02:00

Listen, now!

Mino by Lexon is a true trick of all trades: The Bluetooth loudspeaker that measures just 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.2 cm excels with its high-quality design, numerous styling [...]

Listen, now!2019-03-05T12:26:56+02:00

Close to the cosmos with Conni

Every child in Germany knows the “Mainzel Men” from the TV channel ZDF. Whilst the ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst was on the “Horizons” mission, he also met up with [...]

Close to the cosmos with Conni2019-03-05T12:17:59+02:00

Close contact with the target group

Together with the promotional products agency, Bartenbach Werbemittel, Alta Seta developed a welcome gift, which got everyone in the right mood for the boat trip event of the Deutsche [...]

Close contact with the target group2019-03-05T12:09:41+02:00

Smartly noted

The jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2019 took special note of the Smart Diary/Planner of the Italian notebook manufacturer, Moleskine. The organiser that won an award in the [...]

Smartly noted2019-03-05T12:07:13+02:00