Zogi bastelset neutral - A light in the darkWhen it is dark in winter, one invariably lights candles. Their light serves as a symbol for hope, security and confidence. During the pandemic, when many people suffered a lack in personal contacts, Zogi sent out the 1-piece Candle Making Set as a message of encouragement. The company implemented the crafting set as an in-house Christmas mailing in the year 2020 under the motto “Love & Light”. It kept people busy and proved to be a welcome distraction during the lockdown boredom. And in combination with a personal address, together with the sensual experience of warmth and light and the scent of beeswax, the motto generated a pleasant experience on several levels of perception.

The made in Germany product comprises of a wax plate, a candle wick, crafting instructions and a safety notice. The set is packed inside a folder made from certified natural cardboard, the interior and exterior of which can be individually imprinted in four colours. Pure beeswax is used for the production, which partly stems from the Zogi Nature beekeeping project, beeswe.love. The jury liked how the inspiring DIY concept was paired with practical usage and a positive message and promptly selected the 1-piece Candle Making Set of the designer Martina Herzog as an award winner in the category Communicative Products.

ZOGI Europe GmbH

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