Custom-made Designs 20232023-01-27T10:53:06+02:00

On discovery tour

A thermal mat, sleeping bag, Thermos flask, flashlight, outdoor loudspeaker, woollen hat, scarf and [...]

Magnetic pull

Koziol and maglassX jointly won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs: [...]

Sensual journey

Sand trickles through one’s fingers and a fresh island breeze tickles the nose, whilst [...]

Clothes make the pen

With the DB Ballpoint Pen “From a jacket to a pen” cyber-Wear Heidelberg is [...]

Time for a sports car

Watches tell the time, but they also reveal the prestige of their wearers. Watches [...]

Lamp of steel

There are desk lamps and scaffold components, which up until now belonged to two [...]

Time ride

Tradition and maturity are two words that unite the Trakehner Association with good whisky. [...]

Well cut-out

According to company accounts, Festool plunge-cut saws have been the benchmark for saws for [...]