Audio Logo Domus Video in Print Domus Vivendi Verpackung offen hr Video - Sensual journeySand trickles through one’s fingers and a fresh island breeze tickles the nose, whilst the screen shows impressions from Ibiza. There is no doubt about it: The Video Box Hippiements Village is a unique experience and creates multisensory infotainment at its best. On opening the box, an image film of the estate agents Domus Vivendi Ibiza Waves about the “Hippiements Village” starts, which whisks the viewer directly off to the luxurious holiday resort in Ibiza fitting in nicely with the “Dreams come true” slogan printed on the screen. Three glass bottles filled with sand, salt and island air that are embedded in the body of the box enhance the information in the video that is available at the touch of a button – turning the box quite literally into a sensual journey. The moving images playing on the appealing box made of laminated chromo board are thus complemented by audio, aroma and haptic experiences.

The box manufactured by Audio Logo in an elegant printing company in Germany following a climate neutral process convinced the jury with its innovative combination between video/audio technology and multisensory contents and secured itself a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs in the process.

Audio Logo GmbH

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