Terms of Business

By ordering the client accepts the terms and conditions of business and the price list.

1. In case of doubt, orders for advertisements are to be concluded within a year after the contract has been signed.

2. The discounts described in the list of advertising rates are given only for the advertisements of an advertising client edited in a title within a year.

3. The advertising client is retrospective entitled to the discount according to his actual, within a year purchased advertisements if at the beginning of the period he has signed a contract which from the outset entitles him to a discount.

4. If an order is not carried out for reasons the publisher is not responsible for, the client regardless of possible further legal obligations, has to refund to the publisher the difference between the discount granted and the discount according to the actual purchase. The refund is dropped if the non-fullfilment is based on an act of God within the publisher’s risk.

5. The publisher reserves for himself the right to reject orders for advertisements. This also applies to the single elements of a business deal. The publishing house is not committed to explain the rejection.

6. The client is responsible for the on-time-delivery of the advertisement material.

7. In case of a completely or partly unreadable, incorrect or incomplete publication of the advertisement, the client is entitled to a payment reduction or a a substitute advertisement, but only to the extent to which the advertisement’s aim was reduced. Further liability of the publisher is excluded. Complaints have to be made in writing within four weeks after the bill was received.

8. Cancellations of an order in the form of withdrawals or alterations of the same are only effective, if they have been received in writing by the publishing company. If the publishing company receives the written cancellation before the advertising deadline, no fees will be charged. If the cancellation is received within 5 days after the advertising deadline, a cancellation fee of 30% will be charged. The full order sum will be charged for all cancellations received by the publishing company after this date.

9. If the client should not pay in advance the bill will be sent with a specimen copy. The bill is to be paid within the period stipulated in the price list (starting from the day the bill is received if no other period or payment in advance is agreed).

10. On default of payment the publisher is entitled to interrupt the further carrying out of the order in progress until payment and can demand payment in advance for the remaining advertisements. In case of bankruptcy or enforced settlement any discount is dropped.

11. Together with the bill the publisher delivers a specimen copy. If no specimen copy is available, the publisher will write out a legally binding certificate of the order instead.

12. The client is to pay all costs resulting of any considerable change of originally agreed material.

13. The publisher will take care over the keeping and the on time passing on of the offers on box number advertisements. No further liability will be taken. Recorded deliveries, express letters, and any telex or fax will be passed on only by common mail.

Further conditions of the publisher
a) The publisher does not take any liability for the correct reproduction of advertisements ordered by phone or for changes arranged by phone or for mistakes resulting of illegible writing down
b) In case of a change of the list of advertising rates the new conditions are guilty immediately.
c) In case of an act of God any obligation to the carrying out of orders and to compensations expire. The latter applies also to eventually not or not on time published advertisements.
d) The publisher is allowed to cancel subscription orders at any time without giving any reason by crediting the appropriate subscription amount.

Terms of payment

Bills are due after receipt of the invoice. The place where a contract is to be fulfilled and the court of jurisdiction is the headquarter of the publisher.

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