cyber Wear Ford Merch 1 6 - On discovery tourA thermal mat, sleeping bag, Thermos flask, flashlight, outdoor loudspeaker, woollen hat, scarf and much more – the Ford Explorer Outdoor Merch by cyber-Wear encompasses everything adventurers need on their trip through the wilderness in a Ford Explorer SUV. The high-quality equipment comes inside a robust, metal box – quintessential Explorer design right through to the true-to-detail logo lettering on the lid. The Ford Explorer Box that features a combination lock is filled with the specially compiled Ford collection and is a showroom decoration concept that cyber-Wear originally developed for a pitch for marketing the luxury off-road vehicle in China. An own website was also developed, which featured the products and the team. The concept is currently being redeveloped for the market launch of the Ford Ranger in Europe.

The box is above all suitable for Ford dealers, for example for marketing purposes as a showroom decoration or as a give-away for customers on purchasing the Explorer. The presentation concept not only bowled over future Ford customers, but also the Promotional Gift Award jury – they namely awarded the Ford Explorer Outdoor Merch a prize in the category Custom-made Designs.

cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH

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