cyber WearDB KugelschreiberDB Kulli freigestellt2 - Clothes make the penWith the DB Ballpoint Pen “From a jacket to a pen” cyber-Wear Heidelberg is demonstrating that one can even make something beautiful out of the old, discarded uniforms of Deutsche Bahn conductors. The writing instrument that was designed together with manaomea is based on the better pens of manaomea – ballpoint pens that are made from textile leftovers and manaomea’s self-cooked organic resin. Upcycling the old conductors’ shirts is an ideal way of underlining the contrast between used and excellent. The details of each ballpoint pen provide a visual well-being experience enhanced by a pleasant haptic feel that underlines the writing comfort. The unique writing instruments were also able to woo over the jury members, who promptly distinguished them with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs.

From the very start, the sustainability of the materials and the production, the upcycling as well as jointly combating the piles of waste textiles in India played a major role in the cooperation between the Deutsche Bahn, cyber-Wear and manaomea. The exclusive characteristics of the old work shirts are uniquely mirrored in every pen, i.e. in the form of former seams or in the traces of collars. The items are produced by hand in Germany using green electricity. The stainless steel refill is exchangeable to further reinforce the pen’s sustainable presence among the target group.

cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH

manaomea GmbH

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