Senator PGA2023 senator kostenlose Ersatzmine Bild 122x300 - Free refillSenator produces robust, durable writing instruments. Since the service life of products is an important aspect when assessing the sustainability of an item, the German manufacturer is pushing this approach further. Once the refill in a pen is empty, it is often discarded. Of course, in the case of Senator pens, it can be replaced with a standard refill. However, the company is now offering all users of its writing instruments in Germany and mainland Europe the opportunity to order a free replacement refill via the website

Replacing empty refills avoids waste, saves resources and extends the service and thus promotional life of the ballpoint pen. That the company is actively communicating this service as a sustainable approach pleased the jury, so the possibility of ordering a free refill was awarded a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

Senator produces the plastic refills X20 and G2 at its own factory in Hesse and offers a range of customising options for its writing instruments and cases. The company is demonstrating with its refill service how a classic promotional product can be redefined from a sustainable point of view.

Senator GmbH

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