Sahm Brahma 200x300 - Raise your glasses!A relief embossed into drinking glasses is not only an optical eye-catcher, it also offers a haptic experience. Up until now a specially produced mould was required to achieve such three-dimensional embellishments on glass. The process involved a great deal of effort and high costs, which meant it was only suitable for large-volume orders.

The company Sahm has just picked up a Promotional Gift Award in the category Customising Technologies for the Sahm Digital Relief Imprint. Similar to a 3D print, the desired customisation can be realised with the highest precision and attention to detail. Since a glass mould doesn’t have to be created, this method enables minimum order quantities of 1,000 pieces upwards to be realised at affordable prices. Customer-specific graphics and décor elements can be individually designed, using the ink jet printing technique also in colour and inscribed with individual names.

The jury was impressed by the possibilities of this printing technique, which lends the traditional product segment of drinking glasses an innovative boost that will no doubt not only delight the target group of restaurant owners, but also their customers.

SAHM GmbH & Co. KG

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