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From analogue to digital

Whole worlds can be created with interlocking building bricks, one of the most popular toys ever. Using a simple, albeit ingenious twist, Promokick is picking up on the [...]

From analogue to digital2023-02-09T15:03:54+02:00

Lamp of steel

There are desk lamps and scaffold components, which up until now belonged to two completely different worlds. However, in the form of the Desk Scaffolding Lamp, Präsentstudio Soennecken [...]

Lamp of steel2023-02-09T15:00:40+02:00

Well cut-out

According to company accounts, Festool plunge-cut saws have been the benchmark for saws for decades. The new saw, TS 60 K, is totally redefining these benchmarks, also in [...]

Well cut-out2023-02-09T13:45:09+02:00

Stylish winter landscape

“Advent calendars are considered to be classics among the promotional products and the offset printing shop Schwarzach has managed to lend the theme a novel, creative touch that [...]

Stylish winter landscape2023-02-09T13:36:24+02:00

On everyone’s lips

Advertising messages that melt on the tongue, company logos that are literally on everyone’s lips and cool products for summery promotions: The individually designed ice lolly by Mouth [...]

On everyone’s lips2023-02-09T12:33:04+02:00

Round the world

K+M Werbemittel was successful in the Promotional Gift Award category Best Practice with a 3-in-1 Magnetic Card for the youth work of the German Football Association (DFB): The [...]

Round the world2023-02-09T12:14:26+02:00

Magnetic pull

Koziol and maglassX jointly won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs: The two cooperation partners developed the Magnetic Plastic Glasses for silwy®, a brand for [...]

Magnetic pull2023-02-09T11:48:03+02:00

Almost inseparable

The Clickable socks stay together, come what may. And above all they stick to each other after being washed too. Namely, the pair of socks can simply be [...]

Almost inseparable2023-02-08T15:59:15+02:00

Post for Bello

As a rule, dog owners only want the best for their four-legged friends and are correspondingly choosy when selecting the right brand of petfood. So the dog and [...]

Post for Bello2023-02-08T15:50:47+02:00

The magic of storytelling

For the first time in the history of the Promotional Gift Award, users were able to vote for their favourites among all entries via the online platform HAPTICA®//ONLINE. [...]

The magic of storytelling2023-02-08T12:16:07+02:00