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Tribute to a legend

In 2019, Stihl celebrated 60 years of Contra: When the first gearless one-man chainsaw was introduced, it was considered to be a real milestone – both for the [...]

Tribute to a legend2020-03-06T15:36:06+02:00

Perfect mix

The Bayamo thermo mug has already become a fixed part of Reflects’ drinkware collection – a double-walled vacuum cup which keeps drinks warm for up to five hours [...]

Perfect mix2020-03-06T14:36:43+02:00

Charity cup

In the scope of their “Heimatliebe” (love of one’s country) campaign, a savings bank from Rhineland Palatinate has been promoting regional projects especially in the areas sports, environment [...]

Charity cup2020-03-06T14:34:22+02:00

Here comes Karl

Profipresent impressed the jury with a well-thought out overall concept for the 2019 Bundesgartenschau (a national horticulture show) in Heilbronn and picked up an award in the category [...]

Here comes Karl2020-03-06T14:32:10+02:00

Kiss kiss baby

What could be nicer than a kiss? A kiss that doesn’t taste of smoke. In order to persuade its inhabitants to give up smoking, the Danish metropolis Odense [...]

Kiss kiss baby2020-03-06T14:27:32+02:00

Amazing waste

The Peter Schmidt Group secured itself a prize in the category Best Practice with a gift idea that is both innovative and sustainable. The hunt was on for [...]

Amazing waste2020-03-06T14:25:43+02:00

Fired up

Its function determines the design, the design enables the function – this is what turns the Grill Pyramid into an equally original and functional promotional item, which was [...]

Fired up2020-03-06T14:19:24+02:00

Breath of fresh air

The new ballpoint pen QS40 Air by Prodir offers a visible and tangible improvement on the sustainability front. As a result of the fine perforation of the barrel, [...]

Breath of fresh air2020-03-06T14:16:25+02:00

Out of the sea

With Ocean Upcycling multifunctional scarves made from SeaqualTM yarn the family company, P.A.C., is making a statement against plastic being dumped in the oceans. The German manufacturer collaborates [...]

Out of the sea2020-03-06T14:13:49+02:00

Child’s play

The First Choice+ baby bottle of the baby care brand NUK has an integrated “Temperature Control”: A scale changes colour depending on the temperature of the bottle – [...]

Child’s play2020-03-06T14:11:28+02:00