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Tangible identification

Das Haus der Barmherzigkeit (The House of Mercy) is a charitable organisation that offers people in need of care long-term support with a high quality of life. The [...]

Tangible identification2021-02-22T13:20:28+02:00

Contemporary update

Senator is presenting Connected Pens, a new generation of the Challenger ballpoint, which can be versatilely implemented in a cross-media manner thanks to its integrated NFC technology. Today [...]

Contemporary update2021-02-22T13:15:30+02:00

Colour-coordinated writing set

Protection against bacteria, viruses or other pathogens will no doubt also play a key role over the coming years due to the experiences brought about by the COVID-19 [...]

Colour-coordinated writing set2021-02-22T12:51:37+02:00

Sustainable through and through

The ballpoint pen Reco by Schneider Schreibgeräte not only convinces with its streamlined, dynamic design in combination with a matt shimmering surface – it also especially excels in [...]

Sustainable through and through2021-02-22T12:42:47+02:00

Always within reach

Washing one’s hands regularly can ward off infections – not only the coronavirus. But what should one do when there’s neither a basin nor soap in sight? Disinfectants [...]

Always within reach2021-02-22T11:45:05+02:00

Happy sledging

Tobogganing fun without that bothersome hauling process – that is what the inflatable bob, Snokey, of the Austrian manufacturer, Industriewerbung Promotia, promises: Simply hang the rolled-up lightweight (approx. [...]

Happy sledging2021-02-22T11:34:04+02:00

Mobile display

  Rucksacks have made up part of the product ranges of most premium shops for some time already and branded rucksacks also go down well with fans and [...]

Mobile display2021-02-22T11:25:00+02:00

Environmental protection at its lightest

From nature for nature: The retractable ballpoint pen QS40 True Biotic by the Swiss writing instrument specialist, Prodir, convinces with its innovative material made of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate). These [...]

Environmental protection at its lightest2021-02-19T11:48:15+02:00

Combatting viruses

The innovative multifunctional scarf ViralOff by P.A.C. reduces 99% of viruses and bacteria on textile surfaces within just two hours with its antiviral finish. The item is particularly [...]

Combatting viruses2021-02-19T11:10:28+02:00

A new twist

Advent calendars belong to the evergreens of the promotional products industry, however the entries to the Promotional Gift Award demonstrate again and again that these classics definitely offer [...]

A new twist2021-02-19T10:57:38+02:00