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A heart for babies

New parents know no compromise when purchasing the basic equipment of their offspring, so products that are perfectly aligned for the respective purpose, which offer various features to facilitate [...]

A heart for babies2019-03-05T11:45:56+02:00

Artfully poured

The bottles of artbottles.de offer a special opportunity of portraying the theme of sustainability everywhere, where the aim is to win over the customers as fans of a brand. [...]

Artfully poured2019-03-05T11:54:44+02:00

A kind of magic

Unique, innovative and patented – that’s how to describe the display cabinets of the Hungarian manufacturing company, Flyvision. The special highlight: The items in the display cabinets appear to [...]

A kind of magic2019-03-05T12:05:31+02:00

Heroic appearance

ASS Altenburger developed a novel game concept based on the Marvel heroes for MMmedia, who sources merchandising items for cinema operators like CineStar and Cineplex. The item that was [...]

Heroic appearance2019-08-05T10:29:05+02:00

On the safe side

Whether in the club, bar or at a festival – Xantus by Twinvay checks drinks fast and simply to make sure they don’t contain knock-out drops and at the [...]

On the safe side2019-03-05T12:02:01+02:00

Cool, atmospheric, strong in sound

Decorative and yet entertaining, enlightening and at the same time really cool – that is how Kooduu by Intraco presents itself. Because the stylish lamp that provides an atmospheric [...]

Cool, atmospheric, strong in sound2019-03-05T12:05:01+02:00

Disposable sent packing

With a clear statement against disposable cutlery, koziol secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Communicative Products: Klikk is a set of practical, stylish togo cutlery [...]

Disposable sent packing2019-03-05T11:54:57+02:00

Single-material, added value

The Thimm SmartphoneBag made of 100% corrugated cardboard, protects the smartphone while it is being charged, at the same time keeps it ready to hand, prevents stumbling blocks and [...]

Single-material, added value2019-03-05T12:02:07+02:00

Fruitful customer care

The Heart Apple Farm Lühs doesn’t conjure up novelties out of a sack, but instead actually places them inside one: Hence the Promo-Organic-Apple Juice comes in the bag-in-box – [...]

Fruitful customer care2019-03-01T16:39:32+02:00

High reach

To promote its “Telekom Megadeal” campaign in a sustainable way, the telecommunications company was looking for a haptic messenger that is used for the everyday routine, which is recognised [...]

High reach2019-03-05T11:53:21+02:00