Kingly 16 - Almost inseparableThe Clickable socks stay together, come what may. And above all they stick to each other after being washed too. Namely, the pair of socks can simply be clicked together while being washed or stored – a further innovation by Kingly, which impressed the jury and earned the company a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products. The principle is simple: Two matching press studs are attached to the socks close to the hem. Simply click the socks together before being washed to make sure neither of them gets lost.

Kingly produces the socks at a zero waste knitting factory in compliance with Smeta Pillar 4, the quality management norm ISO 9001, the work safety management norm ISO 45001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001. Furthermore, Kingly is GOTS and GRS-certified, the products are additionally tested by the cradle-to-grave sustainability platform, BCome. All yarns and materials are Oeko-Tex-certified. Moreover, the manufacturer uses recycled steel for the buttons.

The pair of socks can be knitted in six colours. What’s more, the steel press studs can be produced in Pantone colours and engraved with a logo.


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