KM Werbemittel 2 - Round the worldK+M Werbemittel was successful in the Promotional Gift Award category Best Practice with a 3-in-1 Magnetic Card for the youth work of the German Football Association (DFB): The Children’s Exercise Badge aims to playfully introduce children of pre-school age to the ball sport and thus have fun exercising. Teachers and bambini trainers are offered support in the form of elaborately devised games and material packages provided free of charge.

The children have to play their way through the big continents of our planet in the scope of a playful trip around the globe (“Paule’s Journey around the World”), waddling over ice floes in Antarctica, balancing jugs of water through the desert landscape of Asia or hopping along with a family of kangaroos in Australia for instance.

Each child registered for the badge receives a 3-in-1 Magnetic Card. It serves as a map for the journey around the world – magnets are awarded for every continent travelled or for every game completed. The frame of the magnets can additionally be used as a picture frame, the reverse side of the map doubles up as a certificate and can be marked with the child’s name. Hence, the little gift combines three functions in one and provides a sustainable usage. The magnetic card, which is manufactured in an amfori BSCI-certified production facility, can be individually designed in terms of its size, shape, customisation and colouring.

K+M Werbemittel GmbH

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