Mouth Propaganda 191022 ichwillfair RGB 100dpi 214x300 - On everyone’s lipsAdvertising messages that melt on the tongue, company logos that are literally on everyone’s lips and cool products for summery promotions: The individually designed ice lolly by Mouth Propaganda – on a stick but not off the peg – convinced the jury and secured the company a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

Each lolly is made by hand. Individual shapes, individual tastes or an own branding on the stick and packaging including a label – Mouth Propaganda offers all of these options to promoting companies and institutions, who want to communicate ice cold advertising slogans. Thanks to the many individualising possibilities at several levels, the product can be easily combined with attention-grabbing prize draws and the likes or integrated into social media campaigns. Once developed, the lolly design can of course be used several times so that brands can order their own bespoke lollies again and again without any extra effort.

The manufacturer generally ensures that only natural ingredients are used and that the packaging is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Since Mouth Propaganda only manufactures on demand, the Cologne-based company produces very little surplus. Organically certified raw materials can be implemented too on request.

Mouth Propaganda GmbH

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