Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach 20221116 20221116 IMG 0008 - Stylish winter landscape“Advent calendars are considered to be classics among the promotional products and the offset printing shop Schwarzach has managed to lend the theme a novel, creative touch that additionally stands out with its elegant design,” is how the jury assessed the Advent Calendar Edition 2022, which won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products.

The outer sleeve of the Advent calendar comprises of two raised edge boxes made of dyed paper that are held together by a magnetic closure. Lettering and ornaments can be laser cut onto the front. The item can also be individualised with a laser cut here. The interior of the Advent calendar offers a contrast to the discrete design of the exterior: It is designed in hidden object style. 24 tiny boxes of different shapes are integrated into the elaborately illustrated winter landscape. Tiered inserts of corrugated paper make the refillable boxes stand at different angles and lend the scenery a three-dimensional effect. Sweet surprises are concealed inside the houses, trees, vehicles, market stands and other buildings that decorate the scene.

The die-cut shapes and the positions of the boxes can basically be changed, the 4c-imprinted illustrations can be adjusted at will. The calendar was picked and packed by Integra Vorarlberg, a work initiative for the long-term unemployed of the region.

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach Gesellschaft mbH

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