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Something solid

From an ecological point of view taking a look into bathroom cabinets was pretty sobering in the past: Plastic bottles, jars and tubes everywhere. The trend towards solid [...]

Something solid2023-02-08T12:10:48+02:00

Fired up

Spin 90 not only creates a stylish, cosy atmosphere with its rotating flame, the table fire made of stainless steel and glass also convinces with its versatility: Spin [...]

Fired up2023-02-07T16:43:47+02:00

Tangible sustainability

Herka is making a clear statement in favour of the responsible handling of resources with its new Undyed by Herka series that also includes Undyed terry cloth: The [...]

Tangible sustainability2023-02-07T12:25:16+02:00

The future of fabric

Canvas fabric made from PVC is robust and popular, but the production, disposal and recyclability of the material is not entirely eco-friendly. Hence, for Halfar the material is [...]

The future of fabric2023-02-07T12:19:17+02:00

With Kuka for Kuka

In the promotional products sector, in terms of sustainability the criterium “made in Germany” takes top priority for the globally-operating robotic company, Kuka. Koziol makes the ideal production [...]

With Kuka for Kuka2023-02-06T15:15:47+02:00

Delivering Christmas

It more or less enjoys cult status with the business customers and partners of the Deutsche Post DHL Group: The annual Advent calendar of the globally operating logistics [...]

Delivering Christmas2023-09-15T15:00:42+02:00

Welcome to Miami!

The Ford Lifestyle Collection Miami Vibes lets the hearts of Mustang fans beat faster and radiates a true retro feeling: The selection of colours and designs of the [...]

Welcome to Miami!2023-02-06T12:04:59+02:00

On discovery tour

A thermal mat, sleeping bag, Thermos flask, flashlight, outdoor loudspeaker, woollen hat, scarf and much more – the Ford Explorer Outdoor Merch by cyber-Wear encompasses everything adventurers need [...]

On discovery tour2023-02-06T11:47:04+02:00

Squeaky and smart

cyber-Wear is sending a rubber duck on the track to ensure train trips are a relaxed family affair. And not just any duck either: In cooperation with mbw [...]

Squeaky and smart2023-02-06T11:29:23+02:00

Clothes make the pen

With the DB Ballpoint Pen “From a jacket to a pen” cyber-Wear Heidelberg is demonstrating that one can even make something beautiful out of the old, discarded uniforms [...]

Clothes make the pen2023-03-24T16:23:15+02:00