iIdeaPro deaPRO festeWaschstuecke 2022 - Something solidFrom an ecological point of view taking a look into bathroom cabinets was pretty sobering in the past: Plastic bottles, jars and tubes everywhere. The trend towards solid cosmetics like shampoos, shower gels, face cleansers or body care products is changing this. Solid cleansing bars are an important part of the zero waste lifestyle.

IdeaPro develops recipes for so-called syndets (synthetic detergents = surfactants) in its own laboratory, which contain no water and which also don’t need any water for their production. If no water is present, the formation of germs is also inhibited, so the successful Solid Cosmetic (60 g) that won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products can also do without emulsifiers and preservatives. This means the ingredients are totally undiluted and 100% effective. The products don’t contain any microplastic, silicon, parabens or animal-based ingredients. What’s more, solid cleansing bars are very high yield in use. Plus, due to their compact form, the packaging and transport volume is drastically reduced, which significantly saves emissions.

The products that are made in Germany can be certified according to the natural cosmetics guidelines. The bars of cleansing items are individualised with an embossing. The 95% recycled folding boxes can be individually designed.

ideaPRO GmbH

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