cyber Wear DB Rubberduck Rubberduck - Squeaky and smartcyber-Wear is sending a rubber duck on the track to ensure train trips are a relaxed family affair. And not just any duck either: In cooperation with mbw the DB Rubber Duck Journey was developed, an interactive game with the original Schnabels® Conductor Duck as the protagonist. The duck in uniform that is kitted out in the respective DB outfit also bears a QR code so it can playfully link up the analogue and digital worlds with each other: On scanning the code, stressed-out parents can open the smartphone game the Rubberduck Journey for instance, activate the Conductor Duck as a character and send the youngster on its virtual travels together with the rubber duck. The ducks have to take on challenges in river landscapes – and bring joy to both young and old while doing so.

The interlinking of the popular haptic figure with a current smartphone game particularly went down well with the public voting: The DB Rubberduck Journey claimed third place in the votes for the Public Prize and thus secured the smart duck a Promotional Gift Award.

cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH

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