Halfar 1818035 1 schraeg stehend 2 - The future of fabricCanvas fabric made from PVC is robust and popular, but the production, disposal and recyclability of the material is not entirely eco-friendly. Hence, for Halfar the material is not an evolutive option for the future. To this end, the bag specialists are launching the new Active series of bags onto the market in 2023, which imitate the popular canvas optic in a contemporary, sustainable manner. Halfar secured itself a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products for its sustainable efforts.

The upper material of the classic, roll form sports/travel bag is woven using robust, recycled fibres (rPET). Thanks to the sturdiness of the fibres (600 x 600d), the bag with a capacity of 44 l weighs only 660 g when empty. The modern roll-shaped bag can be carried in the classic way using the handles or optionally shouldered as a rucksack.

Active combines diverse upper surface decorations and frames the logo. The bag is not embellished with a print, the embossment is instead stamped into the coating during the production process, which renders printing inks superfluous and makes the customisation particularly resistant to scratches and damage. The material can be customised with either a screen or transfer print. It is also possible to attach a metal emblem, which can be furnished with a Halfar Fast Lane sticker on request.

The sports/travel bag Active is manufactured in an amfori BSCI-audited factory. Furthermore, non-avoidable CO2 emissions caused during the production and transport are compensated for by ClimatePartner following the cradle to customer + waste principle.

Halfar System GmbH

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