Promokick Puzzle 48898 QR Puzzle 1 - From analogue to digitalWhole worlds can be created with interlocking building bricks, one of the most popular toys ever. Using a simple, albeit ingenious twist, Promokick is picking up on the building and playing instinct they trigger off: A wall of colourful toy blocks in colours matching the promoting company’s CI and digitally imprinted on both sides are used for the QR Puzzle made from building blocks: One side is imprinted with a photo or logo and the other with a QR code. Taken to pieces, the wall becomes a puzzle that incites the recipient to reconstruct the image. This interaction goes one step further, namely when the user scans the QR code. The landing page can provide further information on the company or its product range, offer a link to the web shop, guide the user to voucher campaigns or prize draws or start AR applications. This enables promoting companies to link up the analogue and digital worlds so that they can come into direct contact with their target group.

The folding box packaging in A7 or A6 format is individually imprintable. The interlocking construction bricks can subsequently be implemented for creative building projects or diverse other usages in the children’s room. The long service life of the interlocking building blocks that are often still used for creative construction projects by the kids for years and their regional production in Europe turn the bricks into a sustainable product. This obviously thoroughly impressed the jury, who underlined the interactive potential and presented Promokick’s competition entry with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

Promokick/b & a Vertriebs GmbH

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