Proramillanote MeetBox Open - Pop-up surpriseProramillenote is proving that one can add a new twist to an everyday promotional product like a Post-It memo pad: The adhesive note blocks Meet and the Meet Box model convinced the jury with their innovative fold-open mechanism. At the flick of a wrist, a small display opens up in front of the user. The additional surface offers plenty of space for a branding, advertising message or product information. The box can be designed like the packaging of medicine or a product to address a specific target group. The design was developed in the scope of a school competition, which Proramillenote has been organising for years. Innovative, paper marker holders for the desk have already been distinguished in the past. The Italian office item specialists have now won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products themselves with the winning entry of the year 2021/22 that was designed by Pavel Nobili.

The product is made from scrap paper, the glue is water-based and the entire item is totally recyclable. As far as the imprinting, shape, size and number of sticky notes is concerned, the concrete design is flexibly individualisable.

Proramillenote S.r.l.

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