Bartenbach IMG 2761 - Cool kickoffBartenbach and Homann Feinkost GmbH came up with a particularly cool campaign to incite the fans of the FIFA World Cup 2022: Refrigerated products of the Homann brand, Nordsee, contained Cold Chain Compatible Promotional Fan Make-up. The make-up attached to a foldable card using the screen-printing technique can be easily applied using a damp finger and used for instance to create flag designs on one’s face.

The challenge: To protect the materials used so that neither the stiffness of the material nor the offset and screen print suffer due to the low temperatures and humidity of the refrigerated cabinets. With this in mind, Bartenbach worked closely with the printing shop testing different materials and lacquers in the laboratory and refrigerated areas. They finally opted for a 170 g/m² matt image print in combination with a special, soft-matt dispersion paint. This allowed the card to be attached directly to the products of Nordsee and ensured that it survives the cool chain as well as being stored in the refrigerated shelves without the material going soft or wavy and without having an adverse effect on the make-up.

The advertising surface of the card is significantly larger than that of face paint sticks and offers the customer the possibility of placing a large-surface advertising message in a prominent position, while at the same time being visible to the end consumer for a long period of time. The jury rewarded so much advertising power paired with technical know-how with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

Bartenbach Gruppe
BARTENBACH Werbemittel GmbH & Co. KG

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