Promotional Gift Award Terms of Participation

For each submitted item an organisation and judging fee of

• September deal: 200 Euros (up until September 30, 2022)
• Octobver deal: 240 Euros (October 1 until October 31, 2022)
• November deal: 280 Euros (until December 1, 2022)
per submitted item plus VAT.
Product ranges upon agreement. Transport costs including
possible customs duties are born by the participant.

After registration and receipt of the products, you will receive an invoice. Only items, for which the organisation and judging fee has been paid, will be admitted to the judging process. The judging fee will not be reimbursed, if the products are submitted too late or not at all.

Please transfer the amount to the following account:

Account holder: WA Media GmbH
Raiffeisenbank Kürten-Odenthal
Sort Code: 370 691 25
Account No.: 2 115 510 021
IBAN: DE03 3706 9125 2115 510 0 21
Purpose: Promotional Gift Award 2023

All national and international entries are subject to VAT because the venue of the competition is in Germany.

Freely purchasable merchandise, single items, products that are not ready for mass production, semi-finished goods, services and intangible products cannot be submitted to the Promotional Gift Award. Furthermore, promotional products, which have been developed for implementation by one of the companies that is represented on the jury of the Promotional Gift Award, are also excluded from participation.
Please insure your product against theft and damage, should the value of the product make this necessary. The organiser of the competition assumes no liability in this respect. After the competition has ended, the submitted products remain at the disposal of the organisers for archiving and exhibition purposes.

The submitted product will only be returned to you upon specific request – at your expense for the corresponding costs for the return postage. Liability for the loss or damage of the items is excluded. Products that are distinguished with an award in the scope of the competition remain at the disposal of the organisers for some time for exhibition purposes and will be returned upon request at the submitter’s own expense.

The submitter of a product ensures that he/she is not aware of any claims or rights of third parties regarding the submitted items (particularly concerning property and usage rights). Items, which infringe the property rights of a third party, are excluded from participating in the Promotional Gift Award. If a lawsuit is pending in connection with a submitted item, the participant is obliged to inform the organiser accordingly. The participant is liable for all damages that may arise to the organiser, should a third party claim damages from the organiser in connection with a possible infringement of his rights regarding the submitted item. This also applies for the reasonable costs for legal defence. The participant is liable for violating the rights of third parties regarding the submitted items. The participant exempts the organiser from all claims made by third parties.
On participating in the Promotional Gift Award, the participants accept the terms and conditions of the competition. The place of jurisdiction for this contract is Cologne, Rhineland.
A public prize will be awarded to the three products that receive the highest number of user votes. Users are allowed to submit one vote each for as many products as they like. The unique vote will be guaranteed by the registration of the personalised email, which will only count once per product. The voting begins as soon as the product is placed on the voting page after full registration of the product (on October 4, at the earliest) and ends in December on the second day of the judging session of the respective year.

Guidelines for the implementation of the Promotional Gift Award logos for award winners

The winners of the Promotional Gift Award are allowed to implement the logo in connection with the award-winning product (i.e. which has been awarded a prize by the expert jury in one of the categories), in all types of media (print, online, video, TV, at exhibition stands, in catalogues, web shops, mailings, campaigns, etc.).

– The logo has to be reproduced in a sufficient size so that the inscription Promotional Gift Award and the year is legible.

– It is not permitted to change the colour of the logo, its design or omit the inscription.

– Additions to the logo, particularly in the form of adding terms such as „winners“, „first prize winner“, „market leader“, etc. are not permitted due to competition law regulations.

– The logo has to be reproduced in professional quality.

– Use of the logo is not permitted in connection with other products that did not win an award.

– It is not permitted to use the logo in connection with further products that were submitted to the Promotional Gift Award, which didn’t win an award.

– It is not permitted to use the logo in connection with rubrics, which contain the award-winning product and similar products that didn’t win an award.

– It has to be clearly evident that the logo refers to the product that has won the award, i.e. the logo may not be placed between the award-winning product and a further product.

– The Promotional Gift Award logo may also be used to advertise further developments of award-winning products, as long as the unique characteristics of the product that are described on the award certificate still apply for the product and the product’s appearance is comparable with the award winner.

Public prize logo
The winner of the public prize receives a special Promotional Gift Award logo accompanied by the words “public prize”. Only this logo can be used to advertise the award-winning products, not the official logo of the jury prize. Should the submitted product win both a jury prize and an public prize, both logos can be implemented at will.

– Distinction in the category „Customising Technologies“: All products that have been customised using the award-winning technology are permitted to bear the award logo.

The award-winning company is permitted to use the Promotional Gift Award logo with or without the year for corporate communications and design prize overviews, in the scope of quality and certification overviews or also in the company history or overviews of its product range, regardless of the type of media. The logo may also be shown in connection with the company in the scope of the company’s appearance at trade fairs. However, it is not allowed to arouse the impression that any other product, other than the promotional product distinguished by the expert jury, has won the award.
Global use of the logo for other, non-award winning products of the company is not permitted.
One may not claim to be the only award winner of a Promotional Gift Award. There are several award winners in each category every year, which are of equal ranking. All products that attain more than a certain amount of points in the evaluation procedure, which is based on set criteria, win an award.
Since 2006, the Promotional Gift Award winners have no longer been distinguished in the three levels Gold, Silver and Bronze. The award winners of the previous years have been provided with the correspondingly modified logos bearing the respective year.

Participants and finalists of the Promotional Gift Award are forbidden to use the logo for any type of advertising, the logo with the corresponding year is only allowed to be used to advertise award-winning products.

All of the products that have been distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award since 2003 are listed on the website

External companies are only permitted to present a compilation of the award-winning products under the rubric „Promotional Gift Award“ after obtaining the express permission of WA Media GmbH.

The award winners can request logo material from WA Media GmbH at all times.

We reserve the right to exercise recourse should the above-mentioned design criteria not be observed.

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