Avant woody kubek design kabopydo producent avant 01 - Come togetherJoining wood without the use of an adhesive? A special Japanese technique makes this possible – and contributed towards the innovation of the Polish Avant Stoneware Factory picking up a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products: “Kawai tsugite” is the name of the art technique that allows wood to be joined without any other materials using a special interlocking principle. In the case of Woody a joint between wood and ceramics: Thanks to the sophisticated method, the ceramic cup of the Polish manufacturers has a wooden handle that turns the model into an absolute eye-catcher, while at the same time lending it a pleasant haptic feel. The exceptional combination between the two materials ensures that people enjoy holding the cup developed by the Warsaw-based design studio, Kabo & Pydo, thus attracting even more attention to imprinted logos and advertising messages.

The cup can be dyed in 24 shades to ensure individual designs. What’s more, any printing method can be used to embellish the cups. Woody holds a European patent, eco-friendly raw materials and FSC-certified plywood are used for the production in Poland.

Avant Stoneware Factory

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