Faber Castell neu DHL Etui 1221  NR - Drawing diversityTo support the social efforts for diversity and anti-racism, Faber-Castell developed the crayon set Children of the World, which allows artists, young and old, to capture the diversity of people life-like and refined in all their nuances on paper. The set that was created for the Deutsche Post AG comes in a special cardboard box and contains ten Colour Grip crayons as well as three Bicolor crayons with six skin colours. The skin shades were developed with the aid of the company’s own cosmetic division: The leads of the crayons are based on real make-up tones and have a particularly soft texture so that the colours can be easily mixed, enabling as many different skin colours to be depicted as possible.

“In this way, children of all shades feel like they are being addressed and their identity is reinforced,” the jury of the Promotional Gift Award concluded and consequently awarded the contemporary set a prize in the category Communicative Products. The set produced in Germany from FSC-certified wood following a climate-neutral process also went down that well with the Deutsche Post AG that they have already placed a follow-up order. Part of the proceeds of the charity crayon set go to The Red Pencil organisation, which supports international drawing therapies for traumatised children.

Faber-Castell Vertrieb GmbH

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