Promowolsch IMG 8801 - Useful double packFight For Nature is the equally dramatic, yet fitting name of Promowolsch’s award-winning product in the category Give-aways. Its special highlight: The packaging of the product also doubles up as a useful tool, since thanks to the inventive design skills of the Promowolsch team, the outer packaging of the K2 ice scraper can also be used as a functional parking disk. Simply torn along the perforation, the parking disk can be detached from the rest of the eco-friendly cardboard packaging – providing the recipient with a further practical promotional product for the vehicle while at the same time avoiding unnecessary waste by doing without a polybag. Both the cardboard and the ice scraper are made from recycled materials.

In this way, a durable 100% environmentally-friendly promotional product of high practical value was created in Germany, which remains in constant view in the target group’s vehicle. Both the ice scraper and the packaging are “made in Germany” and are produced by the manufacturer in cooperation with the self-help organisation, Lebenshilfe e.V. The cardboard can be individually customised with a 4c offset print, the ice scraper with a 4c pad print, doming or embossing.

Promowolsch GmbH & Co. KG

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