Audio Logo Cosmopolitan gmbhvideoinprint1686Cosmopolitansave - Stylish award ceremonyThe magazine, Cosmopolitan, awards the Prix de Beauté every year for the best hair styling, make-up, perfume and body care novelties. The only unattractive aspect was the fact that the Corona pandemic prevented a live event from taking place. However, the organisers came up with something special to replace the cancelled 2021 award ceremony: Together with Audio Logo, the Video Book Cosmopolitan Prix de Beauté was created to bring the award ceremony to the homes of the winners in an impressive way. The successful concept picked up a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

Each version of the video book was tailor-made to suit the respective winner. Instead of an on-stage laudation, personalised video messages were created that could be played on the 7 inch HD screen of the video books. The successful concept was enhanced by a 28-page brochure in the book personally designed for the respective award-winning team. Each brochure was perfectly customised optically and haptically for the corresponding product. To match the current design of the prize – which stages the products in Florida style amid beach views, flamingos and the like – the 3D hard cover of the book is decorated with the palm trees of Miami. The design is oriented on the interplay of colours found in South Florida. The classic, elegant shipping box in plain black impresses with its imprinted, white Prix-de-Beauté logo and serves as an indication of how noble the contents inside are.

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