cyber wear Hot fresh Pizza Guy gross - Hot slicesWhen a pizza box contains a brake disc instead of the ordered pizza, car mechanics stare in amazement. Hella Pagid used this scenario for a promotion campaign: Under the claim “The favourite order of every workshop”, the automotive supplier presented its premium products on social media in an advertising clip with an amusing, surprising twist. The pizza boxes labelled “Hot & Fresh”, which a pizza delivery boy hands over to two car mechanics during their break contain eagerly awaited spare parts, namely brand-new brake discs. Furthermore, the slogan “Hot & Fresh” is not only imprinted on the pizza box, but also on the hoodie the pizza delivery boy is wearing.

cyber-Wear’s campaign was accompanied by a hoodie and T-shirt in matching, cool streetwear design, which not only the delivery boy in the video was fitted out with: Hella Pagid employees and fans of the high-quality automotive technology can also be kitted out with the Hot & Fresh merchandising collection – instead of standard shirts donning a company logo. The overall coherently implemented campaign reaped plenty of likes in the social media as well as a Promotional Gift Award 2022 in the category Best Practice.

cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH

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