Promotional Gift Award Winners 20222022-06-09T12:57:36+02:00

Framelessly happy

Halfar has reinvented the cooler shopper Basket to suit the times: Softbasket, distinguished in [...]

Hot slices

When a pizza box contains a brake disc instead of the ordered pizza, car [...]

Cuts the best figure

Colourful, compact and foldable: In the case of the Swiss Classic by the Swiss [...]

Just hanging around

It doesn’t always have to be Hawaii: The OceanTowel Waver by Alta Seta captures [...]

The high-yield seven

The Seed Donor of the company Pferdeapfel Naturdünger is an advertising ambassador of long-lasting [...]

Stop the thieves!

Up until now Josera petfood was only well-known for its wide assortment of animal [...]

Two in one

cyber-Wear’s Monthly Advent Calendar is a clever combination that walked off with a Promotional [...]

Natural talent

Several German and European health insurance companies already use Wagus’ vegan and robust fitness [...]