burger pen 3 - Combats virusesFrom the application form through to the registration certificate – anyone who reaches for a ballpoint pen in doctors’ practices, clinics or at authorities today, often feels quite uneasy. Has the pen really been disinfected? How many hands has it already passed through and could mine become infected? Beolino clinic® and Cinema clinic® come to the aid here: The ballpoint pens of burger pen are made from special clinic® plastic – ABS with embedded semiconductor metal oxides – and thus dispose of a permanently self-disinfecting surface, which eliminates a wide spectrum of viruses and bacteria. Since the ingredients work according to the catalyst principle, they are not depleted. This means the antimicrobial effect is guaranteed to last for at least ten years – even without the implementation of silver ions or nanosilver. As such, according to company accounts, clinic® is the only antimicrobial plastic of its kind that conforms to the EU biocide directive.

Advertising messages are applied to the pens as abrasion-proof screen, digital or pad prints. Furthermore, burger pen developed a sample packaging for four clinic® ballpoint pens in the shape of a packet of medicine – including an instruction leaflet – to scientifically communicate the reputable mechanism of action to the trade. The jury rewarded the hygienically immaculate implementation of the sustainably produced “Swiss-made” models with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Give-aways.

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