KIngly SOCK ESSENCING CocaCola Socks - Whisky on the socksPeople with sensitive noses will be delighted about Kingly’s novel textile embellishing technique: The innovative steam technology of the Bulgarian manufacturer enables promotional textiles to be customised with individual fragrances using certified aromas made in Italy. Companies that want to stand out from the crowd because of the pleasant scent experienced on opening the packaging of the textiles are simply spoilt for choice: Practically every fragrance can be reproduced in the textile and customising expert’s laboratory and applied to textiles in the desired intensity from discrete through to intensive. Popular scents are among others mojito, chocolate, honey, milk and strawberry cream.

To achieve this effect the T-shirts, socks, etc. of the Kingly collection, which are produced in Sofia, are treated with an environmentally-friendly steam technology. According to the manufacturers, one litre of water suffices to customise 1,000 textiles. For minimum orders of 50 pieces, Kingly offers the customising option with an individual fragrance within a lead-time of one week.

The scents are created in-house and the fragrance and intensity are freely selectable. On request, promoting companies can also have totally personalised aromas designed. This wow effect for the nose convinced the jury, which distinguished the sustainable, scented textile finishing technique with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Customising Technologies.


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