Eindruck Grownotebook - Giving something backPine trees are popular suppliers of raw materials for the production of paper and wooden items. Growbook by Eindruck is the first notebook that acknowledges the implementation of the diligent conifers and also – quite literally – gives them something back: A capsule containing pine seeds is embedded into the cover of the appropriately designed notebook. Alternatively, a pine tree-shaped seed capsule can be attached to a pendant or to a bookmark in the form of a pine cone. So, anyone who receives a Growbook can plant a new pine tree – and at the same time promoting companies can show their appreciation for the environment. A growing promotional impact that also sustainably impressed the jury of the Promotional Gift Award – the 192-page notebook was namely honoured with a distinction in the category Communicative Products.

The DIN A5 book is optionally made from FSC-certified paper or recycled FSC-certified paper and is produced in Poland using renewable energy. The cover of the notebook is made from paper, cork or linen. The materials for the cover are available in many colours. The item can be customised with a blind embossing, screen or digital print on the cover. Further customising options include an individually imprinted bookmark and a paper banderole.

Eindruck e. K.

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