Furtmayr WildbienenNisthilfeFurtmayrsWerbemittelweb2bearb - Colony in concreteThe traditional concrete company Märker-Beton was looking for a suitable promotional product for decision-makers from the building industry, which was, if possible, to be made of the material that it delivers every day: concrete. With the help of the Furtmayr agency, the result was a hotel building project of a unique kind: A Nesting Aid for Wild Bees made from concrete, a limited edition of 500 pieces. Advised by experienced beekeepers and insect researchers, Furtmayr developed a product that offered the perfect format, the right sized holes and the ideal depth for a nesting aid for wild bees and their insect neighbours. Furthermore, the building material guarantees protection against bad weather and durability as well as storing heat during the day, which it passes on to the winged “hotel guests” in the night.

The Nesting Aid for Wild Bees, which bears the embedded logo of Märker-Beton, is made from high-quality concrete, recycled gravel and sand. This mixture that has proved itself since ancient times was poured into reusable silicon moulds measuring 7 x 7 cm as liquid concrete. The silicon moulds were completely designed and filled with concrete in Germany. The nesting aid weighs 675 g and is totally recyclable, whereby it has an almost unlimited service life. This combination between sustainability, product orientation and creativity also convinced the jury, which honoured the nesting aid with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs.

Furtmayr GmbH

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