Audio Logo Videoparfum audiologogmbh1695HeinzGlasprint01 - Fragrant & smartThey come in practically all shapes, colours and sizes – round, cylindrical, angular, classic with a tassel or in the form of a human silhouette. With discrete through to extraordinary designs, they aim to present the scented contents in a stylish manner. But a perfume flacon that transmits photos, videos or audio files when picked up is a novelty and opens up undreamt of dimensions to the (scent) marketing segment. A plastic base with a video module attached to the flacon makes this possible. The company Heinz-Glas, which specialises in producing flacons, jointly developed the high-tech vessel together with Audio Logo. The experts for audio-visual communications are responsible for the technology and the mould for the plastic production.

The refillable Perfume Video Flacon disposes of a 2.4 inch display, an integrated loudspeaker and a 128 MB storage capacity. The individualisable plastic base is available as a matt or glossy version for scented promotional messages, furthermore it can be embellished with a logo in the form of a doming and the packaging can be customised with an imprint. In addition to loading individual clips onto the video module, the flacon can also be personalised with names or slogans via a USB port. An absolute wow product, which also impressed the jury that distinguished the flacon with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products.

Audio Logo GmbH

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