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Simply cuddly

Big is beautiful. This at least applies for teddy bears, especially when they are as affectionately designed as the [...]

Detachably linked

The haberdashery wholesaler, Veno, was looking for a give-away that lets the zip shine out in a new light [...]

Tribute to a legend

In 2019, Stihl celebrated 60 years of Contra: When the first gearless one-man chainsaw was introduced, it was considered [...]

Child’s play

The First Choice+ baby bottle of the baby care brand NUK has an integrated “Temperature Control”: A scale changes [...]

Storytelling pens

The German life insurance company, DLVAG (Deutsche Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft), an Allianz subsidiary, was looking for a unique give-away with a [...]

Smoking desired

They stand for high-quality German craftsmanship and a certain down-to-earthiness. Thanks to their special attributes and the fact that [...]