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Crystal clear

In order to promote the sales of refreshing drinks of the brand Gerolsteiner in glass bottles, the beverage brand [...]


With the aid of the TÜV-tested (rest) alcohol tester, Alc/Control by testme, one can test one’s fitness to drive [...]

Second life

So-called shelf dividers are plastic elements made of polycarbonate, which are for instance used for the shelves of supermarkets [...]

Charity cup

In the scope of their “Heimatliebe” (love of one’s country) campaign, a savings bank from Rhineland Palatinate has been [...]

Kiss kiss baby

What could be nicer than a kiss? A kiss that doesn’t taste of smoke. In order to persuade its [...]

Amazing waste

The Peter Schmidt Group secured itself a prize in the category Best Practice with a gift idea that is [...]