testme DWA 11 - Cheers!With the aid of the TÜV-tested (rest) alcohol tester, Alc/Control by testme, one can test one’s fitness to drive after consuming alcohol in a matter of seconds. The German wine institute, Deutsche Weinakademie, implemented the Alc/Control, which claimed a Promotional Gift Award 2019, to support an international prevention programme of the wine industry. So that more information and advertising messages could be conveyed, four versions of the test tubes were developed, which were accompanied by sophisticated (packaging) material, and the product design was adapted and protected by a trademark.

The give-aways also convince in terms of their sustainability: The manufacturer uses FSC-certified paper for the climate-neutral, printed flyer and sleeve; green energy and heat recovery are implemented for the EU-based production of the test tubes. Testme compensates for the CO2 emissions via PrimaKlima weltweit e.V. The manufacturing, picking and packing as well as the dispatch are carried out in sheltered workshops.

Due to the design, product characteristics and the sophisticated customising options, the campaign reaped a great deal of attention – and a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

testme GmbH

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