TRIK Gerolsteiner Glas 2 nm - Crystal clearIn order to promote the sales of refreshing drinks of the brand Gerolsteiner in glass bottles, the beverage brand and Trik came up with a creative idea. An onpack item was chosen to suit the items the promotion focused on – glass bottles – which also exemplifies the versatile possibilities of the material: a 400 ml glass with a handle and a logo embossed into the glass – equally discrete and high-class in order to arouse the collecting instinct. A striped lid with a silicon ring to protect the straw opening lends a refreshing touch to the overall appearance. A striped, reusable straw matching the colour of the lid is provided together with the glass.

On purchasing three glass bottles of the advertised refreshing drink, the customer receives a free glass. The sales were so decisively boosted – also thanks to the collecting aspect of the lid that was available in three different colours. The reusable glass products also polished up the sustainability image of the brand Gerolsteiner – a clear case for a distinction with the Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

Trik Produktionsmanagement GmbH

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