Poul Willumsen KysBedreOdense fritlagt - Kiss kiss babyWhat could be nicer than a kiss? A kiss that doesn’t taste of smoke. In order to persuade its inhabitants to give up smoking, the Danish metropolis Odense chose a kissing mouth as the key visual for a health campaign that was launched in July 2019. The accompanying poster and postcard motifs made reference to the fact that a kiss that doesn’t smell of cigarettes tastes much better and called upon smokers to “kiss tobacco goodbye”.

The promotion was supported by the key-ring pendant Hot Lips by Poul Willumsen. The luminous, shiny kissing mouth made of acrylic glass is imprinted on the bottom lip with the slogan “#KysBedreOdense” (#KissBetterOdense). With its perfectly matching message, the attractive, compact and nice-to-hold promotional product that is “made in Denmark” has not only been able to draw a lot of attention to the anti-cigarette promotion since its launch, it is also possibly going to be implemented for a further health campaign. Furthermore, the Hot Lips took the hearts of the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2020 by storm and as a result won a distinction in the category Best Practice.

Poul Willumsen A/S


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