peter schmidt group grace of waste 4 - Amazing wasteThe Peter Schmidt Group secured itself a prize in the category Best Practice with a gift idea that is both innovative and sustainable. The hunt was on for a Christmas gift for customers and business partners that got people thinking, avoided waste, is useful and on top of that also looks great. All of these aspects were found in a coffee machine: Everyone in the agency needs his daily coffee, the coffee grounds are thrown away, although they are a valuable resource – coffee grounds can be excellently implemented, especially in the cosmetic sector. So, the Peter Schmidt Group developed a caring beauty product and called it Grace of Waste: Three coffee-based soaps with three different fragrances, which help stressed people find a balance, detox and freshen up. The first edition comprised of 1,700 copies, dispatched as a Christmas gift; a further edition serves as a high-quality all year round gift handed over at face-to-face meetings.

Importance was also placed on the sustainable production of the high-quality soap box – with the use of font that saves printing ink and paper made from recycled coffee cups.

Peter Schmidt Group GmbH


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