micx media VIDEObox NUK2 - Child’s playThe First Choice+ baby bottle of the baby care brand NUK has an integrated “Temperature Control”: A scale changes colour depending on the temperature of the bottle – if the food is too hot, the display turns from blue to white. For the launch of the innovative baby’s bottle, in collaboration with Kunze Werbung, micx-media designed the NUK Video Box, which clearly demonstrates the product that requires explanation. The creative idea picked up a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs.

The cardboard surface of the box is designed to match the respective promoting company’s CI. Each box contains a product sample together with all relevant information as well as an IPS display that plays back the corresponding product video in the split screen mode. To enable the NUK sales team to present the product worldwide, the video boxes were produced in five different languages. The box contains a rechargeable lithium battery and an open data port so that new files can be uploaded onto the video board.

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