manaomea goodway EG Allianz komplett - Storytelling pensThe German life insurance company, DLVAG (Deutsche Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft), an Allianz subsidiary, was looking for a unique give-away with a high identification factor and commissioned goodway werbedesign to develop the appropriate solution. The latter came up with the idea for the Easy-Going Pen Allianz-Story Materialized, which stands for the personal association between the promoting company and the advertising message and tells a special story: The DLVAG employees collected used textiles from baby’s jeans through to XXXL swimming trunks to make an exceptional give-away – a promotional pen made of their own textile left-overs. The old textiles were cut into strips by manaomea and together with goodway werbedesign designed and shaped into pens using eco-resin. The Easy-Going Pen can be customised with a pad print or laser engraving, the pens can be totally designed and produced to meet specific customer requirements – the blue textile left-overs and white recycling yarn clearly reflect the CI of the DLVAG. Each pen is unique and the visual and haptic structure of each old piece of clothing is experienceable – models that convey a very personal message, which the jury found worthy of a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs.

Manaomea GmbH



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