KWO DSCI4392 - Smoking desiredThey stand for high-quality German craftsmanship and a certain down-to-earthiness. Thanks to their special attributes and the fact that their colours can be freely coordinated they can be easily adapted to suit specific professions, what’s more occasionally they also let off a lot of steam: The Incense Smokers of KWO Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten make ideal brand ambassadors for IG Metall and as such secured themselves a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs. For several years, the company has been introducing a new special model for the union on an annual basis. The recipients of the Incense Smokers have thus over the course of time collected a small series.

Different professions carried out at IG Metall are easily recognisable due to a range of accessories – from a forklift truck to a screwdriver. The upper and lower parts of the figurines that are handmade in Germany from sustainably harvested woods can be separated in the middle. The lower part is fitted with a metal plate, on which the ignited incense candle containing natural ingredients is placed. After being assembled, the pleasant fragrance escapes from the mouth of the small figure.

KWO Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau GmbH


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