Listawood ColourFusion Bottles2 - Exciting all-aroundListawood is offering a high-quality, everyday companion for the reusable trend – the ColourFusion Eevo-Therm bottle – which pleases a design-oriented and environmentally-conscious target group thanks to its patented all-round embellishment. The Thermos flask is made out of high-quality stainless steel and really stands out from the crowd with its full-colour, full-surface customisation comprising of photo-realistic motifs.

An innovative, patented full-wrap technology, which enables the Thermos flask to be individualised all the way round, turns the bottle into an absolute eye-catcher. Surface treatments that produce glossy, satin and metallic effects are also possible. Listawood secured itself a distinction in the category Customising Technologies with its impressively designed must-have that is available for minimum order quantities of 30 pieces.

AT Promotions Ltd Trading as Listawood

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