JuliFoli 1 - The art of packagingJuliFoli Document Sleeves are creative and clever everyday assistants that not only protect important documents, they also present favourite masterpieces as a daily dosage of art. They are writable and have an elegant haptic feel that is similar to that of paper. Thanks to their PET core the transparent plastic pockets are tear- and splashproof, thus proving particularly durable and robust for everyday purposes.

On behalf of the bookstore Walther König, JuliFoli produced a series of six art motifs for the Berlin State Museum – the copyright holders of the pieces of art. JuliFoli is both the designer and the manufacturer of the art sleeves, which were offered for the first time to commemorate the opening. They are also sold in the respective museums presenting the key works of each correspondingly.

The document sleeves that were honoured in the category Merchandising are 100% made in Germany – in terms of both the material as well as the design, imprinting and further processing – and they can be embellished with images and logos using the photorealistic printing method. In this way, the models change the perception and value of the familiar plastic pocket offering companies high communicative usage.

JuliFoli GmbH


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